Monday, January 3, 2011

Matt Hendricks 2010

Matt Hendricks Drawing

Matt Hendricks drawing in progress while the Caps celebrate a 3-1 victory over the Penguins in the Winter Classic! (New Years Day)

Washington Capitals Center Forward: Matt was drafted out of High School in the 2000 NHL Draft. This is his first year as a Capital. In this drawing, Matt is pounding on Sidney Crosby of the hated Pittsburgh Penguins. I doubt Sidney would ever fight Matt since he is a WUSS and hides behind his enforcers, but I am a Caps fan and an artist. That means not only can I dream, but I can turn it into a picture! Fantasy Hockey right!


  1. yuuuup the capitals kick cupcake but. lol.

  2. that pic is realy cool and flyers kick cupcake but the caps dont:p

  3. Steener, love it that you looked at my drawings! but do you really think that as a life long Caps fan that i dont hate the Flyers as much as I hate the Pens. Loved nothing more than seeing them choke in the Cup finals last year! Later,Bards

  4. pens yeah i hate them 2