Thursday, December 25, 2014

Kris Shanahan 2014

Kris Drawing
Kris is the Mother of one of my Son Joshua's school friends. She is a personal trainer, nutrition consultant, physique competitor, and professional woman's bodybuilder. In November she won the 2014 NGA Mt. Rogers Women's Bodybuilding Pro Blowout in Virginia to defend her title. The most amazing thing to me is that Kris is also a Cancer survivor. I saw this picture and thought the photo shoot was very artistic. This drawing was a Christmas gift to her from her son. Check her out at

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Rod Langway Autograph Signing Dec.6,2014

Rod Langway Autographed Drawing
Jacob with Rod
Jacob and I with Rod
In June of 2011 I drew and posted this drawing. Today my youngest son Jacob and I went to an autograph signing with Rod. Great guy! Told him how he was my all time favorite Washington Capital. I told him how special all those games were as a kid going to the Capital Center to see Caps games with my Pop.