Friday, February 27, 2015

Isabelle Selena Turell 2015

Isabelle Turell Drawing

Twitter Reaction
Isabelle is an IFBB Professional Womans Body Builder. Isabelle was one of the first Female Body Builders that I became a fan of. Recently she followed me on Twitter, and I did this drawing for her. She is in the process of getting back into competition shape, and hopes to take the stage this season.

Dwight Clark "The Catch" 2015

Dwight Clark "The Catch" Drawing
On January 10,1982 The San Francisco 49ers played the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC Championship Game. With 58 seconds left in the game, the 49ers faced a third and three on the Cowboys six yard line. Joe Montana hit Dwight Clark, covered by Everson Walls in the back of the end zone to tie the game with 51 seconds left. Ray Werschings extra point game the 49ers the 28-27 win. 
Wikipedia says. "The Catch is widely regarded as one of  the most memorable events in NFL history. The game represented the end of Dallas's domination in the NFC since its inception in 1970, and the beginning of San Francisco's rise as both NFC and Super Bowl power in the 1980's."

Angela Salvagno Veins 2015

Angela Salvagno Vein Drawing
I have drawn Angela before. She is once again getting her body ready for competition. This drawing was from an update photo that she posted on Twitter.

More Aleesha Drawings 2015

 Aleesha Right Arm Drawing
 Aleesha Left Arm Drawing
Aleesha sitting with wine glass
The Aleesha Collection

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Aleesha Young 2 2015

 Aleesha in Water Drawing
 Strelitzia Preliminary Sketch
Aleeshas Twitter Reaction
Here is my second drawing of Aleesha Young. While I was doing the drawing, I wanted to add a flower to the top left of the drawing. I thought it would be nice compositionally, as well as add to the artistry and contrast of a woman who is as beautiful, but as hard as Aleesha. I asked her what her favorite flower is, fully expecting her to say something like a rose or hibiscus. Instead she said Strelitzia. I couldn't have liked the choice more, and after doing a preliminary sketch of the flower, added it to the final drawing. I think her reaction to it is the only, and best reaction that I could hope for!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Steve Eells 2015

Steve Eells Drawing
Steve is a local bodybuilder, and this was a commission drawing. The picture was Steve posing this year in the 2014 NPC Maryland State/East Coast Classic. 

Aleesha Young 2015

Aleesha Young Drawing
Aleesha Young Drawing in progress

Twitter Response
Aleesha is a professional womens bodybuilder in the heavyweight division. In 2014 she competed in the NPC USA Championships and won the Womens Heavyweight Division, as well as being named the Womens Overall Champion. Two weeks later, she competed in the IFBB Tampa Pro where she placed ninth. She is also the Mother of a little girl.
In this drawing, I combined her face and hair from her Twitter profile picture, and the body from a Tampa Pro posing picture.