Friday, April 12, 2013

Author/ Coach Jeff Potter 2013

 Author/Coach Jeff Potter's new book

 My Eric Potter Drawing on Pg.331 of Saving Baseball

Coach Potter and Joshua after one of his KIHS JV games

In November of 2011, I posted a drawing that I had done of a left handed pitcher named Eric Potter. He had just finished his pitching career at the University of Maryland, and been drafted by the Oakland A's. I had done the drawing of Eric who I had never met, as a gift for his Father and Mother. His father Author and Coach Jeff Potter has been, and continues to be a huge mentor to me coaching youth baseball. I presented the drawing to Coach Potter, his wife Sheryl, and Eric, at a Potter Baseball clinic that both of my sons attended. 
I ran into Coach last weekend at a baseball tournament with my younger son. He gave me a copy of his new book, Saving Baseball,  which includes my portrait of Eric. In addition to writing, Coach Potter runs summer baseball tours for 13-15 year old players. He remembered Joshua from the 2011 clinic. At the time,he called Joshua "Hockey Hair". Last night Coach Potter came to see Joshua play in a  Kent Island High School Junior Varsity game, for the possibility of Joshua playing on one of his tours.
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Monday, April 1, 2013

Lil Lion 2013

 Lil Lion Drawing

Lil Lion Drawing in progress

Did this drawing for a friend of one of my hunting buddies. I dont even know the name of the little boy, but what a great picture! Queen Anne's High School is the rival high school of Kent Island High School where my son now plays Junior Varsity Baseball. GO BUCS!!