Thursday, February 4, 2016

Aaron Grzymkowski 2016

 Aaron Grzymkowski Drawing
 Me with Aaron and Joshua
Joshua with Nick Markakis and Aaron Sept.2010
Everyone that knows me, is aware that coaching Youth Baseball is one of my passions. This Spring will be my tenth season. This year, the first boys that I coached, are graduating from Kent Island High School. Among them are Aaron and my son Joshua. At this point I have coached a couple hundred boys. I have often spoken to Joshua and wondered if any of them would ever go on to play Baseball or another sport after High School.
Aaron Grzymkowski just became the first, however not for Baseball. In addition to Youth Baseball, Aarons first love has always been Football. This week Aaron, who had been recruited by, committed to play ball for Towson University here in Maryland. 
I am so excited for him, and his family. I applaud the work ethic that he has had for so many years to achieve the honor of playing college ball. As Joshua said to Aaron, "The grind has paid off, you earned this!" I couldn't agree more and am proud to have had him call me Coach!