Monday, January 24, 2011

Dhani Jones 2011

Dhani Jones Drawing

Dhani Jones Drawing in progress
Cincinnati Bengals Linebacker: Dhani was born in San Diego California, but spent most of his youth in Potomac Maryland. He played his college ball for the University of Michigan when they won the National Championship in 1997. He played with Charles Woodson who won the Heisman Trophy, the first for a primarily defensive player. Dhani was drafted by the New York Giants in the 2000 NFL Draft.In 2007 he was a starter for the Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl XXXIX. He played briefly for the New Orleans Saints before signing with the Bengals.
My Mom goes to church with Dhani's Mom in Bethesda. She speaks of him frequently and his bow tie business.

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  1. Stephen this is a very cool venture your on. Always cherish the moment when your favorite player signs your wonderful work buddy. Keep up the great work.
    Joe Versikaitis