Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mariano Rivera The Cutter 2014

 Mariano Rivera The Cutter Drawing
The Cutter Drawing in Progress
Retired Closing Pitcher from the New York Yankees. Mariano is considered by most at the greatest closer the game has ever seen. On his glove, where most pitchers names are, was embroidered Philippians 4:13. Last Year Lisa Miller wrote in New York Magazine:
As anyone who follows baseball knows, Mariano Rivera has built his career on one pitch. A cut fastball, or "cutter," it travels at 90 or 92 miles an hour, and then, a few feet before it reaches home plate, it moves half a foot off course, a trick of physics that looks like telekenisis. Rivera's cutter is virtually unhittable, by consensus and by the wasteland of broken bats that litter home plate when he is on the mound is all the proof anyone needs. A Rivera inning has thus been compared to a horror movie: The excitement is sharpened, not dulled, by the fact that everyone- the players, the ticket holders, and Rivera himself- knows exactly what's coming.