Sunday, January 22, 2012

Frank Gore 2012

Frank Gore Drawing

San Francisco 49er Running Back: Frank played his college ball at The University of Miami. He was selected by San Francisco in the 2005 NFL Draft. On Dec. 4,2011 against the St. Louis Rams, Frank became the 49ers all time leading rusher. This was his fifth season with over 1,000 yards rushing, and he has been to 3 pro bowls (06,09,11).
I finished this and posted this drawing during halftime of the NFC Championship game between the 49ers and the New York Giants. The Giants are winning 10-7. Stay Tuned!!!!!
Niners lose by an overtime field goal set up by a 49er fumble on a punt deep in their own territory.
Frank has the same birthday as Jacob, May 14.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vernon Davis 2012

Vernon Davis Drawing

San Francisco 49ers Tight End: Vernon was drafted by the 49ers in the 2006 NFL Draft, in the first round, sixth overall. Vernon played his college ball at University of Maryland. As a Terp his teammates nicknamed his "Cyborg".
This past Sunday as mentioned in the Alex Smith post, the 49ers played the New Orleans Saints in a divisional playoff game. The 49ers won on a touchdown pass from Smith to Davis with nine seconds left on the clock. That was Vernon's second touchdown of the game. He finished that game with seven receptions for 180 yards, a playoff record for a tight end.
Not only was Vernon a Mayland Terrapin, but while there he was a studio art major. He and I also share the same Birthday, January 31st.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Local Press Jan.4 and Jan.13,2012

Jan.13 Star Democrat Photo by Doug Bishop

Jan.4 Bay Times Photo by Doug Bishop

Enlarged Photo

The Jan. 4thBay Times, and the Jan.13th Star Democrat, featured an articles about the Art Donovan event from the previous post. The bottom photograph is of Art Donovan, Joshua, and I.