Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ed Dickson 2010

Ed Dickson Drawing

Ed and Joshua and Jacob with the autographed drawing

Ed about to autograph my drawing

Baltimore Ravens rookie Tight End: Ed played his college ball at the University of Oregon. While there he was considered one of the best Tight Ends in the country. In the 2010 NFL Draft, the Ravens chose him in the third round (70th overall pick).

Our family went to his autograph signing at the Great Moments Shop on Oct. 26th.


  1. As always, blown away by your talent, man. On top of that, the way you involve your boys in going to meet the athletes, and in tandem with that, that you take your drawings to their subjects to sign them. What an honor, for both you and those you draw.

    My dad and I were at the Ravens vs. Bills game a couple weeks ago and thinking about how much baseball and football games have been a part of our life and relationship. I wrote a bit about it last week.

    Keep on doing what your doing. Hope to catch up sometime, running or otherwise. Best, Mike V.

  2. Mike, Loved your "Game Inherited" post! So glad you are checking out the blog, and signed on as a follower. My boys really have no idea now, what this will mean to them later. Im sure you and I had no idea in 83, when you went to game 1, and I went to game 2 of the world series what those memories would mean to us now. In Sept., my pop and I drove to Pittsburgh to see the Pirates play the Diamondbacks. Didnt care who was playing, we were together, and checking out a new ballpark, and making memories. Just for the record, what a ballpark!!!!!! Hopefully someday, all these posts, and pics will be a coffee table book, thats the dream! later, Bards