Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ricky Dobbs 2010

Ricky Dobbs Drawing

Photo that I took on Oct. 10,2010 vs. Duke

United States Naval Academy Quarterback: On Nov. 1,2008 our family went to our first Navy game against Temple. With 14 minutes left in the fourth quarter, Navy was trailing the game by 20 points. Ricky was brought in the game to replace the injured starting quarterback. Navy made a stunning comeback, and in overtime Ricky won the game on a one yard rushing touchdown. Navy's 33-27 win was the biggest comeback in Navy history. In 2009 Ricky scored 27 rushing touchdowns, setting the record for college quarterbacks in one season. On October 30,2010 The family went to see Navy play Duke. Despite losing 34-31, Ricky set a new all time Navy record for career touchdowns by a quarterback with 44.
Although 23 years apart, Ricky and I share the same birthday, Jan. 31.

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