Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rod Langway 2011

Rod Langway Drawing

Retired NHL Defenseman: Rod played in the NHL from 1977-1993. He was drafted by the Montreal Canadians in 1977, and won the Stanley Cup with them in the 78-79 season. Montreal traded him to the Washington Capitals for the 82-83 season. He remained there for 11 years, and was the Captain for all 11 years. Nicknamed "The Secretary of Defense", Rod won the James Norris Memorial Trophy for the NHL top Defenseman in back to back seasons (82 and 83). Rod was elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2002.
I have written before about my Pop and I going to Capitals games at the old Capital Center. Rod was one of our favorite players. "Hard working, never complaining, defense first, physical play and willing to get into a scrap or two." Rod was one of the last two players to not wear a helmet after the NHL made them mandatory. There was a "Grandfather Clause" that allowed him to do so.

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