Thursday, June 2, 2011

Kent Island Federation of Arts 48th Annual Open Judged show 2011

1958 NFL Championship Drawing

Mates for Life Goose Drawing (Third place Amateur division)

Sunrise mallards Drawing

In May, I finally joined the Kent Island Federation of Arts. I entered these three pieces into the 48th Annual Open Judged Show. I was entered in the Amateur division, and my Mates for Life Goose drawing received third place from the judge Tilghman Hemsley. The Judges statement on the drawing was, "This piece is a beautiful study of nature and the artist is inventive and curious."


  1. Hi Mr. Bardsley, there was a comment thing for the geese so I though I would leave one with these amazing mallards. I really love both of these pictures and would love to have them. My mom said to get a price (: I really miss you as a substitue teacher and Mrs. Barsley too! i really think that it's cool how you do this in your spare time because it really in unbelieveable! I hope to keep in touch because you are my favorite teacher ! (:

  2. And I mean't to say that there was not a comment box for the geese so I thought I would leave one with these amazing mallards !

  3. CR, Thanks for leaving the comments and the kind words. I hope you are having a great summer! I will probably be upstairs some next year, and look forward to seeing you again. I will get you a print of the mallards. I have been getting some of my pieces printed with a high quality process called Gicl'ee (Gee-clay). See you soon, Stephen