Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Semyon Varlamov 2011

Semyon Varlamov Drawing

Semyon drawing just started

Joshua with Semyon at Six Flags

Washington Capitals Goaltender: Semyon is Russian born. The Caps drafted him in the 2006 NHL Draft.
When Joshua and I went to the Caps pre season party at Six Flags before last years season, we got to meet Semyon. At that time he was number 40, as pictured. This year he changed his number to one.


  1. Where's the Ducks!!!!!!!!!! Quack

    Uncle Jon bustin chops.

  2. JP, No ducks only Bald Eagles in the side of the helmet! later, Bards

  3. I got his autograph before! He sent me his own KHL card too! Really nice guy! You're drawings are awesome. And alot of the Caps and O's! Haha I want em!