Saturday, January 17, 2015

Kent Island Federation of Art-Human Form Show 2015

Kris and I at the Human Form Show Reception
Kris Shanahan Drawing
Kris Drawing in progress
This month the show at Kent Island Federation of Art is the Human Form Show. My three entries were, Lisa Cross (posted early Nov.), Larissa Reis (posted in early Jan.) and Kris Shanahan (posted in late December.) Before today, Kris and I had never spoken or met. We had only communicated through Twitter or text messages through our sons. She loved the drawing though, and I invited her family to the reception for the show. Since inviting her to the reception, the show was judged, and the drawing was awarded an honorable mention in the drawing division. Today was the reception, and we finally met. Since starting this blog, I have been to many athlete autograph signings, but I have never been so honored, or enjoyed so much, the time that my family got to spend with Kris and her family! Check her our at

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