Friday, February 14, 2014

Olga Graf 2014

Olga Graf Drawing
Russian Olympic Speed Skater: Olga is a thirty year old woman from Omsk,Soviet Union. This past Sunday morning I was watching the Winter Olympics from Sochi Russia. The event was the Woman's 3000 Meter Speed Skating Race. As Olga was approaching the starting line for the tenth pairing, the commentators were saying how she was a strong skater but would not factor in the medal standings.Olga had not even qualified for the previous Olympics in Vancouver Canada. Lap after lap Olga was ahead of the current leaders pace. As she crossed the finish line, the Russian crowd went wild she had skated the best race of her life, and posted the fastest time of the event. After the thirteenth and final pairing, Olga had been bumped to the Bronze Medal, but she had become an Olympic medalist. Watching that drama unfold is why I love the Olympic games.Olga will also compete in the 1500, and the 3000 meters during the Sochi games. I know she will have at least on American fan watching!!!  

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