Thursday, October 10, 2013

Floyd Mayweather Jr. 2013

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Drawing
Floyd Mayweather Jr. is an American boxer. He has won World Championships in five different weight classes.His management and training team are called The Money Team.
Quite honestly there was a time when I couldnt stand Floyd! His nicknames are "Pretty Boy", from his amateur days, and "Money" from the millions he has earned boxing. He flaunts his money, cars, women, and taunts his opponents with non stop verbal sparring. In 2007 I was really routing for Ricky Hatton to destroy him. Ricky was from Manchester England where my father is from. The super fight was billed as "Undefeated" as neither fighter had ever lost. Floyd destroyed the hard punching, brawling Hatton, and knocked him out in the tenth round.
Floyd took two years off from fighting. Now every time there is a fight scheduled for him, the media hype is huge. The experts all agree that the new opponent is the one who will beat him. They all have the "Blueprint on how to beat Floyd." Floyd wins most of the rounds, and defeats the now usually younger opponent. Floyds professional record is now 45-0, and he is considered the best pound for pound fighter in the world, and many think of all time. 
I have become a fan! 

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  1. The 28-year-old UFC star moved before Mayweather as their press visit commenced in Los Angeles in front of the August 26 session in Las Vegas which will see McGregor in his first expert boxing battle against five-weight undefeated champion Mayweather vs Mcgregor