Monday, April 1, 2013

Lil Lion 2013

 Lil Lion Drawing

Lil Lion Drawing in progress

Did this drawing for a friend of one of my hunting buddies. I dont even know the name of the little boy, but what a great picture! Queen Anne's High School is the rival high school of Kent Island High School where my son now plays Junior Varsity Baseball. GO BUCS!! 


  1. This is Michael he is the youngest of my 3 and he does what ever his 9yr old brother does. Or at least he tries to, this image was sent to me during one of my sons 80 lbs UQA game last year 2012 and it captures Michael mocking his brother the way i once did to my older brother. It's my favorite picture and you truly captured all of it !! You made me a very lucky guy on mothers day my wife was shocked !!. Thank again Stephen !

  2. oh as a side note i now live in stevensville and michael will be a buc also :)