Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jacob "Cyborg" 2012

Jacob "Cyborg" Drawing
Jacob us usually one of the smaller players on his baseball and soccer teams. Despite his size, he is usually the most aggressive player on his soccer teams, and is usually one of the strongest throwers on his baseball teams. We often say, "He is a machine."


  1. Whats up with the cyborg half of his face? The human half looks lean and the cyborg half looks bloated and out of proportion to the human half. Just wondering, im not sure if that was what you were going for ?

    1. Hey sport, why don't YOU go and draw a cyborg face and post it on YOUR sports art site and show us what a NON-BLOATED cyborg face looks like?

  2. Anonymouus, Im assuming that you actually know what the cyborg half of ones face actually looks like!? Im guessing you are a computer artist right?