Sunday, September 11, 2011

Art Donovan 2011

Art Donovan Drawing

Art Donovan drawing in progress

Art Donovan Drawing in progress

Working on the drawing of Art

Hall of Fame Defensive Tackle: Art played for the Baltimore Colts during their back to back championships in 1958 and 59. He played in 5 straight Pro Bowls (54-58). Art was inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1968.
Previously in this blog (Feb. 2010), I did a Colts Hall of Fame drawing featuring four players including Art, from the 1958 Championship game, "The greatest game ever played". I was able to get that drawing autographed by all four Hall of fame players.
Last week I was discussing sports memorabilia with a new friend and admirer of my work. I told her I have what I believe is a unique autograph collection. All of my autographs are on drawings of the athletes that I actually create myself. She said she would like to see a drawing with just Art Donovan by himself. Well, DG, here it is. Hopefully someday soon I can get it autographed. Hope you like it! Thanks, Bards

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  1. Bards, you are truly inspiring. Your body of work is phenomenal, such depth, consistency, and focus. Your boys are very lucky to have you and your work. Michael