Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fourth Presbyterian Art Show

Dhani Jones Drawing

Mates for Life Drawing

My display at the Fourth Spring Festival
(my picture and bio, and drawings by Jacob and Joshua under my drawings)

Mom with the Dhani drawing

Mom and I at the Fourth Spring Festival

On April 9th, Fourth Presbyterian Church in Bethesda Md. hosted its first Spring Festival to glorify God by bringing the community together in fellowship. An art show by people associated with the church was one of the attractions. My mom asked me to be a part. The first piece I chose to enter was my Mates for Life picture of geese. It is a larger piece and represents where I live. The other piece I entered was Dhani Jones. One of my Moms' good friends and fellow Deacons at Fourth is Dhani Jones mother. Dhani attended Fourth in his youth and relatives in addition to Mrs. Jones still attend there, and I met them at the show.

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