Friday, November 6, 2009

Gary Carter (1986)

Gary's autograph on a photo of me with his drawing (1986)

The player card Gary sent me

Gary Carter was one of my favorite baseball players during college. I spent my summers in New Jersey and followed the New York Mets during the season. When the Mets won the world series in 1986, I had the privilege of going to the World Champions reception in the Rose Garden at the White House. I slipped and envelope to Gary with photos of the drawing I had done of him. Months later I received an envelope from Shea Stadium that contained my photos autographed, with an autographed player card from Gary. I did mail him the drawing at Shea Stadium. In 2003, Gary was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.


  1. Stephen - this is way cool, man. This is a talent I didn't know much about. Baseball games with my father, and collecting baseball cards during those years was huge for me. We went to Game 1 of the 83 series, which is of course, the one game the Orioles lost--that's alright, since they won the Series! I always dug watching Gary Carter play as well--he put it all out there. I look forward to seeing what you post and the stories behind the art. Great stuff!

  2. Mike, Thanks for the kind words! Ive always enjoyed reading your Blog, hope you enjoy looking at mine! later, Bards